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AFIT alum Maj Scott Smith (M.S. Cost Analysis, 2005)shares his story of a rocket that penetrated the building he was in at Phoenix base in Iraq in 2008
Graduate School's Annual Report Available Online
From testing new carbon nanotube technology in Space to improving water treatment techniques on land, AFIT continues to have an enduring and significant impact on Air Force and Department of Defense missions due to our unique ability to perform defense-focused research. We do this in the classroom with our world-class and world-experienced faculty, and by engaging students with experiential learning—learning by applying theory to practice—in our unparalleled laboratory, facilities and research centers.
2014 Commencement Ceremony
AFIT graduated 239 Masters and nine PhD degrees in 25 different research areas
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AFIT’s CCR developed prototype test kit for DHS
AFIT’s CCR developed a prototype test kit for DHS to provide their expert analyst with training necessary to detect sleeper viruses embedded in critical infrastructure, such as a power grid or oil and gas pipelines.  This test kit developed by AFIT/CCR faculty, Dr. Jonathan Butts and Dr. Barry Mullins, ENG students, and research associates, is the first of its kind.  This test kit is the most recent tech transfer as a cyber capability provided to DHS after three years of collaboration.
AFIT alum wins the 2013 HENAAC Award for Most Promising Engineer or Scientist Advanced Degree

Congratulations to AFIT alum Capt Ryan Silva (M.S. Electrical Engineering, 2007) on winning the 2013 HENAAC Award for Most Promising Engineer or Scientist Advanced Degree -Master's!  The award was presented to Capt Silva at the 25th Anniversary HENAAC Conference on October 3-5, 2013.

Award winners in this category are engineers or scientists with no more than nine (9) years work experience since earning a completed Masters or Doctoral degree. The candidate’s technical contributions should already demonstrate a promising career.

Great Minds in STEM™ is the gateway for Hispanics in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Established in 1989, as HENAAC, Great Minds in STEM™ is a non-profit organization that focuses on STEM educational awareness programs for students from kindergarten to career. Great Minds in STEM™ provides resources for recognition and recruitment of Hispanics in STEM on a national level, connecting multi-areas of engineering and science arenas to the general population.

AFIT alum assumes command of new F-22 Squadron at Tyndall AFB
AFIT alum, Lt Col R. Erik Gilbert (M.S. Operations Analysis, 2011) assumes command of new F-22 Squadron at Tyndall AFB.
Two brothers, both AFIT alum, featured in USAFA article: “A Tale of Two Brothers”
Two brothers, Lt Col Joe Fulton (MS Astronautical Engineering, 2000) and Capt Tom Fulton (MS Computer Systems, 2008), featured in USAFA article: “A Tale of Two Brothers”.
AFIT alum writes about recapturing USAF acquisition excellence
AFIT alum Lt Col Jason Bartolomei (M.S. Systems Engineering, 2001) co-authored an article in the Air & Space Journal's March-April 2013 edition titled "Taming the Tigers: Recapturing the Acquisition Excellence of Our Planning, Programming, and Acquisition Three-Ring Circus"
AFIT alum Maj Sean Butler (MS Computer Engineering, 2001) authored an article titled “Refocusing Cyber Warfare Thought” published in the Jan/Feb 13 edition of Air & Space Power Journal

Refocusing Cyber Warfare Thought
Maj Sean C. Butler, USAF

Although military cyber theory has come a long way in the past decade, we have a persistent, natural tendency to see cyberspace as a physical environment and apply war-fighting principles from the other traditional operational domains. To establish a foundation for developing sound theory, this article attempts to identify the core defining characteristics of cyberspace. It points out the flaws in using physically oriented paradigms of cyberspace as a basis for developing theory and doctrine and advocates that we focus on its logical/virtual nature as well as its ability to process, exchange, and store information rapidly through automated means. The article concludes by identifying some implications that challenge existing attempts to apply traditional airpower and warfare principles directly to cyberspace.

Update on AFIT Alum Dr. Kevin Ford (PhD Astronautical Engineering, 1997) on the ISS
Expedition 34 Commander & AFIT alum Dr. Kevin Ford (center) (PhD Astronautical Engineering, 1997) and Flight Engineers Oleg Novitskiy (left) and Evgeny Tarelkin pose for a photo in the Zvezda service module of the International Space Station. Credit: NASA

AFIT Alum MSgt (Ret) Juan Lopez, USMC wins Distinguished Hispanic Ohioan Award
Juan Lopez Jr., CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) (U.S. Marine Corps Ret.), a contract employee of Riverside Research’s Dayton Research Center in Beavercreek, was recognized Oct. 12 as a recipient of the Ohio Commission on Hispanic/Latino Affair’s Distinguished Hispanic Ohioan Award.
AFIT alum Maj Garrett Knowlan (M.S. Sys Eng, 2007) passed away on 11 Oct after being struck by a boat during open water survival training at NAS Pensacola
AFIT alum Major Garrett Knowlan (M.S. Systems Engineering, 2007) passed away on 11 Oct after being struck by a boat during open water survival training at NAS Pensacola.  Maj Knowlan was a test pilot engineer currently serving as executive officer for Brig. Gen. David Harris, 96th Test Wing commander at Eglin Air Force Base. 
AFIT Alum Selected as President and COO for Aurora Flight Sciences
AFIT alum Mr. Mark Cherry (M.S. Systems Engineering, 1997 and M.S. Aeronautical Engineering, 1995) was selected as President and Chief Operating Officer for Aurora Flight Sciences.  Aurora is a leader in the development and manufacturing of advanced unmanned systems and aerospace vehicles.
AFIT Alum's Graduate Research Project Referenced in AIN Online Article
The graduate research project of AFIT alum Maj Donald McCallie (Master of Cyber Warfare, 2011) was referenced in an article titled “ADS-B Is Insecure and Easily Spoofed, Say Hackers” on the Aviation International News website, posted on 3 September 2012.
AFIT alum named senior vice president of Space and Intelligence at ASRC Federal
AFIT alum Brig Gen Cary C. Chun, USAF, Ret (M.S. Space Operations, 1990) named senior vice president of Space and Intelligence at ASRC Federal Holding Company. 
MORS Renames Student Award to Honor AFIT Faculty Member
The Military Operations Research Society (MORS) has honored former AFIT faculty member, Dr. Jim Moore, by renaming the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) Graduate Research Prize the “Dr. James T. Moore Graduate Research Prize.”  This award recognizes the AFIT master’s degree student from each graduating class whose thesis or graduate research project is judged to demonstrate the best application of operations research methodology or theory development to a military problem.  The renaming of this prestigious award in honor of Dr. Moore was announced by MORS President, Mr. Michael W. Garrambone, during an August 2, 2012 presentation made to Dr. Moore’s wife, Nancy, who accepted on behalf of her late husband.
AFIT alum named Director, Enterprise Sourcing Group, Air Force Materiel Command at Wright-Patterson AFB, OH
AFIT alum Mr. Steve Zamparelli, SES (M.S. Contracting Management, 1984) assumed command as Director, Enterprise Sourcing Group, Air Force Materiel Command at Wright-Patterson AFB, OH.  Mr. Zamparelli replaces another AFIT alum, Mr. Robert Shofner (M.S. Systems Management, 1987) who was reassigned to Program Executive Officer, Business and Enterprise Systems, Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, Air Force Materiel Command, Maxwell AFB-Gunter Annex, AL.
AFIT Alum Selected as Commander Air Force Security Assistance Center
AFIT alum Brig Gen James E. "Woody" Haywood (M.S. Systems Engineering, 1987) has been selected for reassignment as the Commander, Air Force Security Assistance Center, WPAFB, OH.
AFIT alum and U.S. Army Brig Gen to become Chief of Staff for USSOUTHCOM
AFIT alum and U.S. Army Brigadier Gen. (Promotable) Joseph P. DiSalvo (M.S. Strategic & Tactical Science, 1990), the III Corps and Fort Hood deputy commanding general, will become the Chief of Staff for the United States Southern Command in Miami.
Research performed at AFIT by alum is referenced in AF Times article
Research performed at AFIT by alum Capt Michail Gkoutouloudis (M.S. Cost Analysis, 2011), a Greek Army Officer, is referenced in the AF Times article below. Capt Gkoutouloudis' research validated the previously documented trend of the young, enlisted male age groups as the most prevalent smokers in USAF. Enlisted personnel (vs. officers) indeed represent the larger cost burden, but smoking-related health costs tied to individual officer smokers are typically greater than costs associated if enlisted. Capt Gkoutouloudis went on to analyze the primary factors behind cost of hospitalization, through statistical analysis. This research serves to improve targeted health promotion interventions geared towards reducing long-term healthcare costs.
AIRMEN ACTING: WPAFB Captain Mentors Middle School Students
USAF Capt. David Dawson mentors 8th grade students at Meadowdale Middle School in Dayton, Ohio. Capt. Dawson is one of many Airmen from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base volunteering his time to tutor students, in an ongoing program called Airmen Acting.
AFIT Wins CDX For 10th Year
Students from the Air Force Institute of Technology’s (AFIT) Center for Cyberspace Research (CCR) earned the top score among the graduate military schools in the National Security Agency’s (NSA) 2012 Cyber Defense Exercise (CDX) conducted April 16-20.
AFIT alum Capt Paul Hrad (M.S. Aeronautical Engineering, 2010) worked with the United Nations in Liberia
Air Force Research Laboratory Aerospace Engineer Capt. Paul Hrad knows firsthand the meaning of international cooperation, teamwork, and humanitarianism, thanks to a recent deployment to Liberia in support of the United Nations. Captain Hrad recently returned from a six-month rotation as part of the UN Peacekeeping Mission in Liberia. During his deployment as a military observer, he served as the eyes and ears in the field.
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